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A courageous eight year old girl shared her Big Secret with someone she felt she could trust and by this single action she overcame a major challenge that would definitely have held her back had she not dealt with it. Years later as an adult she shared it again. Why? To inspire and encourage everyone to do what she did; confront and deal with whatever has the capacity to hold you back or get in the way of your personal life or professional pursuits.

This story transcends age, gender, religion, social status and race; everyone can draw parallels between this story and situations in their  lives. It is unlikely that there is anyone who at some point hasn't had to ask themselves if their secret is a Big Secret and then decide if it is a Shhh or Tell.

One message that the story shares quite clearly is that if you do feel it's right to tell, then it's important to remember to 'Tell it' in the right place and to that someone you feel is the right person.

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