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We are a team of creative and innovative thinkers and educators who have found an engaging way to bridge the 'learning gap' that is the development of decision making skills.


Several scholars have indicated that decision-making is a key part of our existence. It has a significant role to play in whether we result in a success or failure. Research indicates that learners in further education and higher education may struggle to demonstrate competence and confidence in decison making. Poor decision-making however is not the preserve of one socialo group in society rather it cascades across all levels insociety; the young, adults and even those charged with the responsibility of  leadership and governance are all challenged by inadequate decision making skills.


To this end our aims is to:

  • encourage people to recognise and accommodate difference by demonstrating through playful learning that having similar values doesnot  guarantee similar

       decisions. .

TBSC Team consists of a Delivery Team of Educators, Psychologists, Trainers and Game Developers supported by the Business Growth & Strategy team, an Event Organiser, Social Media Adminstrator and Finance Officer.

The team is led by Atiti Sosimi BSc Sociology & Anthropology PgD - Educational Studies MA Learning & Teaching for HE who is alsoFounder/Creative Development Director of TBSC.

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You can reach us by email: admin@the-big-secret.org